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We have expertise in all of the mainstream online growth channels. Unless you’re 100% sure what you want to focus on, we’ll analyse your business before suggesting channels to test. Browse the services below to find out what we can do for you.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising (otherwise known as search advertising) is the fastest way to increase your website’s visibility on Google and can be very scalable. The problem is, clicks rarely come cheap, so campaigns need to be optimised repeatedly in order to achieve profitability.

If you chose to work with us on PPC, you’ll work directly with Alex, the Founder of Growthly. He’s run profitable campaigns in multiple countries, as well as grown his own startup to six figures using Google Ads as the critical channel.

Many PPC agencies cut corners by relying heavily on tech tools. But until these tools learn to understand the big picture, an experienced strategist should be making all the key decisions. Alex’s approach is to gain a deep understanding of your business in order to craft a strategy that’s superior to your competitors.

Learn more about our approach to PPC here.

Social Advertising

We can test social advertising on numerous platforms, but for most businesses, Instagram and Facebook are the best bets. Out of the two, Instagram users tend to be more engaged and clicks tend to be slightly cheaper.

Social platforms typically have a lower average cost per click versus Google search ads. The downside is that users aren’t actively searching for your product, so you must target the ads very intelligently in order to return a profit. And with engagement levels falling on Facebook, the ads themselves must really demand people’s attention. We’ll take care of all of this and more in order to give your campaign the best chance of success.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google. Increasing your organic (non-paid) ranking for key searches will almost always increase visitors, leads, and ultimately, revenue.

We take a scientific approach to SEO. All search engines are based on algorithms, and algorithms only care about numbers – figure out the numbers the algorithm wants to see, and you win. We maintain a portfolio of test sites so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t, as well as what's been changed during a Google update.

Hire us to handle your SEO and you’ll work directly with our Head of SEO, Jack Cowell. He has years of experience building and ranking his own profitable websites. He knows what it takes to compete for the most valuable keywords on the internet.

Content Marketing

Content marketing typically involves writing about topics that your audience is interested in. The end goal is to generate new business, but it’s a long-term process that requires you to first build trust and educate your readers.

Most blogs fail to do any of these things because they lack quality. We work with talented writers who create content that’s both engaging and insightful. Writing content that doesn’t suck takes plenty of time so we put some serious effort into getting it in front of as many people as possible. We do this by optimising it for Google and spreading it via social channels.


Now more than ever, people lack trust in businesses and are keen to follow the recommendations of online role models and experts. As the popularity of platforms like Instagram has grown, so too has the power of influencers, i.e. bloggers and YouTubers with armies of followers.

Another channel that has grown significantly in recent years is podcasts – 10 years ago they barely existed and now one third of Americans listen to them. Not only that but these listeners are considerably wealthier than the average American – half of all listeners make $75k or more.

Whether your business suits influencer marketing or podcast sponsorship, we can help you build relationships with the right people. We’ll help you negotiate attractive deals and craft content that drives sign ups.

Email Campaigns

If you run a B2B company, manual email campaigns may work better for you than advertising. Not only are they less expensive but people are more likely to respond to a personalised email than an ad.

We use the latest tools to find targeted leads, identify email addresses, then send personalised emails at scale. We can even schedule follow ups to send automatically unless the respondent replies.

Landing Page Optimisation

If you’re investing in bringing people to your site, it’s critical that your copy clearly explains what you offer, why your target audience needs it and how it’s better than the competition. The better the first impression you make, the better your customer acquisition efforts will perform.

Our approach to landing page optimisation is to first conduct an in-depth analysis of your business from your target audience’s perspective. This helps us identify exactly how you should pitch your product. We then get our best writers on to the task of creating concise, engaging copy. Optionally, we can also A/B test different elements and ideas.

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