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We're not your typical PPC agency...

Search for a PPC agency on Google and you'll see there are so many similar companies out there, it's hard to know which to choose.

We call ourselves an agency because most people Google for 'agencies', rather than 'consultants'. But in effect, we're currently a team of two consultants. And if you choose to work with us on your Google Ads campaigns, you'll work directly with Alex, the Founder of Growthly.

Since launching his first business three years ago, Alex has grown it to six figures using PPC (Google and Bing Ads) as the critical channel. Before that, he worked at two digital marketing agencies in London, running PPC campaigns for their largest clients (from £50k to £500k/month). He had a 100% retention rate, with each client seeing their performance improve significantly.

Below, Alex explains what you can expect from him compared to working with a traditional PPC agency.

Know who you're working with

Hire a standard PPC agency and you'll typically have an account manager, as well as some fairly junior people doing the day-to-day work. The quality of employees in agencies varies significantly, and critical changes may be made by inexperienced people who lack a deep understanding of your business.

If you work with me, I'll be with you all the way. You'll know that your ad spend is being managed by someone who has a strong track record, both as a digital marketer and as an entrepreneur.

A full-stack marketer and entrepreneur

Staff in PPC agencies typically have limited knowledge outside of their channel and a limited understanding of how businesses work. This results in them making sub-optimal decisions.

Your PPC campaigns should be created based on your overall marketing strategy. Then, throughout the year as your business situation evolves, the campaigns should be adapted.

As an entrepreneur and someone who has experience across numerous marketing channels, I'm able to do this. And as I work closely with our Head of SEO, I can also make adjustments based on your organic Google rankings. You don't want to be bidding on keywords you're already ranking for organically.

No bullshit - just results

Whether you're primary aim is to increase leads or reduce inefficiencies, I'll be purely focused on results and will be very honest with you regarding what you can expect. This involves thoroughly analysing your existing campaigns and competition in order to give you a realistic estimate of what's possible. I'll report back to you as regularly as you wish with the key data, but I'll focus most of my time on improving the performance of your campaigns.

Talk to a PPC agency and their sales people will often make big promises that aren't based on sound analysis. You may also end up with only 50% of your billable time being spent managing campaigns. The rest will be spent on meetings, overheads, and fancy reports that are designed to hide any negative trends.

No shortcuts

Many PPC agencies cut corners by relying heavily on tech tools. Whilst these tools have their uses, agencies tend to use them to put campaigns on auto-pilot, resulting in changes being made that don't fit with the realities of your business. Until the tools learn to understand the big picture, an experienced strategist should be making all the key decisions.

Not a Google Partner PPC agency

Yes, you read that right. We're not a Google Partner PPC agency, nor have we won any fancy awards.

Many agencies use their Partner status to claim all sorts of things, such as that they have a “close relationship” with Google. Read: we went to Google’s HQ once and Google’s sales reps pitched us on selling more ads to our clients.

In reality, Partner status is not hard to obtain (hence why so many PPC agencies have it) - it simply requires passing some simple exams and having clients who spend a lot on Google Ads.

Then there's the awards. Marketing awards are a dime a dozen and the entrants pay thousands of pounds to enter. Don't see them as a guarantee that an agency will deliver.

Choosing a trustworthy PPC agency for your business isn't easy. The best way to decide which one to work with is to speak to the person who would be managing your ads - see whether they're able to understand your business and whether they propose a strategy that makes sense to you.

Let's talk.

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